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Portfolio of Rights and Agreements

Licensing audio-visual content since 1983.

Norwaco represents 65,000 individual Norwegian licensees from the 35 member organisations. Norwaco holds agreements on representation of copyrights and exchange of remuneration with a number of foreign organisations for right holders abroad. Norwaco also cooperates with Norwegian and foreign public broadcasters.

The main licensing areas are:

- TV-distribution
- Educational use of TV, film and music
- National TV-archives
- Use in museums and libraries
- Private copying (distribution of state funded remuneration)

With over thirty years of experience, Norwaco has developed a portfolio of agreements that makes culture and entertainment available to the public in a simple and flexible way, while also safeguarding the interests of the right holders. Norwaco has continuous effort to expand and update its mandates and agreements to stay ahead of the opportunities and challenges faced by the media industry.

Since 1983 Norwaco has distributed over NOK 3 billion to creators, performing artists and producers. Norwaco believes good, clear and predictable agreements are the right way to a fair and healthy media business where all relevant contributors to the value chain get a fair share of the incomes.

Norwaco licenses use of audio and audiovisual content on the Norwegian territory on behalf of a substantial number of Norwegian and foreign authors, performing artists and producers.
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